BALLS.21 Rooting for chaos

In which Beeso and the Doc talk makeup sex with President Mark Cuban, the Billy Madison Coaching Clinic, Becky Hammon and the Spurs, The Incredible Inflating Kendrick Perkins, Matt Barnes attempting self-harm, things to do in Denver when you're drunk, and the whitest beardiest hipsteriest team of white bearded hipsters in the NBA. NRL talk kicks off around the half-hour with a wide-in-range exchange on change to the interchange. Also this week: Luddite McGuffins, ESPN in Disneyland, Mitches win matches, The Biggest Event In Australian Football History since at least February, and our heartfelt tribute to the champion-elect of this year's Tour de France:

Finally, much against our better judgement, we reluctantly check back inside the head of Nick Kyrgios and are disturbed by the content let alone the decor, before determining that if you're going to spot-fix, don't be Haf-arsed about it.

This episode of @theBALLSpodcast is brought to you by John Birmingham's action-packed urban fantasy series Dave Against The Monsters, which is much more exciting than Beeso's voiceover would have you believe.