BALLS After Dark.12 He's. That. Guy.

In which after a brief Before After Dark Kind of Dusky Gloaming, not to mention our customary false start (because by fuck we're professional), Beeso and the Doc get Stoked, revisit Fruit Music Redux Part The Umpteenth, get into Kool-Aid and gin, before reviewing new music from Refused and Veruca Salt. Also this week: This Is Hardcore, Beeso plays it safe, don't stop the (Bob) Rock, Botoxing your rough edges, second album syndrome, Taylor Swift Incorporated, On The Grid with Keith Flint and starting a nuclear war over naked pictures of your mother.  PLUS: we reveal the real reason everyone hates Twatto. No, not because he's from Ipswich. Next week's bangin' choonz (thanks v. much Curtis B.) are courtesy the Frères Chimiques, back with another one of those block rockin' beats, and Public Enemy, who conspicuously decline to give it up. Yeah, we said Beeso was playing it safe.