BALLS.20 Cheik-Cheik-Cheik It Out

In a laid-back Sunday-night trip-hop remix of @theBALLSpodcast, Beeso and the Doc talk boring rugby, Jahhke Whaahht versus Chubby Cheika, Beeso still hates Matt Burke, everyone hates Twatto, Cricket Australia's Conn job, RIP in peace the Follow On, espresso martinis versus #PlanetParenthood, and a creepily prescient chat about Jules Bianchi, death and risk in sports, recorded a couple of hours before Mick Fanning was obliged to punch a shark in a WSL final because the early warning system had already knocked off down the fucken pub or something, much like the England batting lineup. Speaking of surfing, this pod may contain some of the worst accents since the ending of Point Break. Don't say you weren't warned.