BALLS After Dark.29 Back In Beige

In which Beeso and the Doc take a drinks break, talk flash glassware, five seconds of interest, fuck you I won't buy what you tell me, Cock Bogan & The Knobthrobbers, #FuckOffThom, getting on the gins, Dr Y's longwinded and obtuse theory based on citation indices, singing like a Cletus, throwing in the towel, loud mechanical noises, Lewis Hamilton wears a hat, the Pistols and the Dougs, running for the train, last chance to hear, hiphop hybrids, Beeso's days in amateur A&R, we've just run out of Adelaide cliches, and the importance of sounding busted-arse. This week's albums were Holy Holy's When The Storms Would Come, You Am I's Porridge and Hotsauce and Motorhead's Ace of Spades. Next week, in our final set of reviews before our big end-of-year wrap up show, the Doc has nominated newbies from trans-Tasman rockers the Cavemen (Auckland) and Jackson Firebird (Melbourne), while Beeso wants to discuss the classic status of the Hilltop Hoods' seminal release (snerk) The Calling.