BALLS After Dark.26 Government Health Warning

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Signal Malt, conflict as the root of all human endeavour, getting tweeted at by hiphop OGs, shit cricket, the font of all pisstaking, Adam Contemporary Music, you can get it writing a beer jingle, when the mix needs a fix, running to Paradise, pinging munters, what's a radio, yet again with Livid 2001 will you guys get some new stories already, dogs in bags, inevitable new music pick is inevitable, the Doc goes bananas, ERMAGHERD TEHHHH TEHHHH, shouts to the Egonomist (currently going through 'the change'), tales from Portlandia, Lars is fucken toilet, Beeso is #FOTY and the Doc offers some salutary health advice. This week we reviewed new albums by BAD//DREEMS and the Fratellis; the classic album was Stereo MC's Deep Down And Dirty. Next week it's Fat Freddy's latest Drop and Lyrics Born's new bub, with the Doc promulgating the classic case of the Dandy Warhols' only remotely coherent album. (Also available live.)