BALLS After Dark.28 Pining For The Sounds

In which Beeso and an on-assignment Dr Yobbo talk Geology 101, hipster darlings, Taken 4: The Things We Do To Find People, What's my opinion, boring vs crap, pushing the boat out, This Is My Jam, knowing where to cut, gravy flavoured bluegrass, fiddling in public, who gives a fuck what the Doc thinks, a new album that isn't, crushing on Nina Gordon, why bands from Wellington like trumpets, vale Philthy Animal, evolutionary missing links, foreshadowing our EOY Special, all work and too much Christmas music makes Beeso something something, and the pitfalls of naming your children after spacecraft. Contains bonus 2m25s of dead air at no extra cost, because we care.

This week's albums were by Beach SlangFuzz and Paul Kelly and the Stormwater Boys. Next week's albums are:
Holy Holy, When The Storms Would Come 
You Am I, Porridge and Hotsauce (because it turns out that Tribe Called Quest joint is a reissue and the album was first released in, erm, 1990)
Motorhead, Ace of Spades (because Philthy Animal invented thrash and because he was Bill Oddie on meth and because FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY.)