BALLS After Dark.27 Fat Freddy's Laundromat

In which @beeso and a post-beerfest @DrYobbo discover bays full of boats, why you shouldn't let a FWTB* do your washing, Beeso gives it a rest, musical Venn diagrams, the Wendy's Baconator of party hiphop, That Got Dark, thirteen tales from urban Portlandia, our contractually obligated Livid reference, we interrupt this music and pop culture podcast to rejoin our previous sporting podcast already in progress, Just Deep Cuts, Beeso's weekend off, shouts to our listener, no gravy, and James Bond is the LA Lakers. New music this week was courtesy Fat Freddy's Drop and Lyrics Born; the classic album was by the Dandy Warhols. Next week: fuck all, cos we're off doing other shit. The week after: Beach Slang, Fuzz and Paul Kelly does bluegrass. No, not that Paul Kelly, or that one. Coming soon (well, if soon is the week before Christmas): our end-of-year special, where we rate all the new music we've reviewed this year. We're more excited than Big Kev. Cos he's fucken dead and that.

*Fucking Wellington Trumpet Band. Inclusive of the below: