Balls.31 No Buddy to love

With @DrYobbo scoring shore leave from Planet Parenthood, @beeso welcomes back guest host @ozibatla to talk Crunchy Fevola, reloading under the Buddy system, go hard then go home, Father & Son, chasing rings, the Brick bludging on the blindside, year 5 AD, breeding baby Boomers, the B.S. report, putting the 'elite' in 'debilitated', the inescapable fuckededness of bogan deadshits, surfing sells out, Red Bull Gives Your Niche Extreme Sport Wings, Thunder brewing, Beeso's Best Bets, the Sacto retirement home, owners geting owned, and another episode of This Week In Sports Faaahhhshun.

Check out Batla's first appearance on the #BALLS podcast (April 2015):
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