BALLS.30 Up yours Cazaly

In a special footy Grand Final(s) edition of #BALLS (and following an intro which by even our standards is of a new echelon of untrammelled shite) Beeso and the Doc get onto the Rugby World Cup, creating your own pre-GF entertainment, shirt sponsors, this just in: Hawthorn are good at footy, concern trolling, AFL traditions, #CoachWank, LA basketball, the Festival of the Boot, the ubiquitous Mike Brady, the unforgettable Sam Tomkins, the ever-inflationary Super Duper Rugby, when pay doesn't pay, the inherent difficulties in televising ice hockey, Beeso uses big words, This Week In Faahhhshun, an uncharactistically intelligent #NRLGF preview, why the MSM can get XXXXed, and we welcome the Best Time Of The Year.