BALLS After Dark.25 I know why dinosaurs became extinct

In which @DrYobbo and guest host @adamhfoto discuss playing Khe Sahn (ya farken carnt), the world's greatest covers band, the Waterloo: couldn't escape if I wanted to, recapitulating the entirety of vertebrate evolution in 28 seconds, Ratcat truthers, the greatest hit of Dave Dobbyn, tartan suits, the cover version formerly known as, music to not pick Goth chicks up to, Adam writes a letter, Crowded House makes the Doc wanna kill (again), the Captain gets confused, everything is good for you if it doesn't make you nauseous, Kickstart Jay's Heart, the long and the short of it, Moron Five, the Fairweather Johnson Effect and defending Hysteria. Includes a special bonus After After Dark which is part insight, part Inside Baseball and part incoherent. Classic albums this week (as per this handy Spotify playlist courtesy Adam) were Crowded House's Recurring Dream and Frenzal Rhomb's A Man's Not A Camel, although the Doc did attempt to change horses midstream to Meet The Family. What his family were doing in the river remains unconfirmed at press time.

Next week @Beeso is back for #BALLS and the After Dark; on the block are new albums by BAD//DREEMS and the Fratellis, with Stereo MC's Deep Down And Dirty up for classic consideration. The Doc's aforementioned longwinded epic gonzo trans-Tasman rock & roll fictional series In The Worst Possible Taste (in which our buddy the Captain was very lightly made over as the Duffer) is available on the internet in serialised form. RESPECT DA FLANGE.