BALLS After Dark.124 Aesthetic over everything

Palate defibrillators, performative wokeness, Bjork O, going somewhere, artistic inspirations, fraint paise, ⸘INTERROBANGS‽, DIY bios, cannon eisteddfodder, punishing earnestness, the only good concert band is a dead concert band, Paul McCartney Ruins Things, 1980s pop benchmarking, virgins and prayer, disco funk rootage, self-caricature, the art vs the artist, getting blamed for your descendents, more fun side projects, middle management, free kicks, popping the trunk, stupid done clever and the future of gayface,  plus a special After After Dark. In this week's After Dark, Beeso and the Doc review new albums from Dream Wife and The Go! Team while Michael Jackson's Thriller is our classic. Next week: Bat Fangs' debutBlend Inn by Hockey Dad and a 2007 CLSC from MGMT. FKNAWSM. This, last and next week's albums are as always on our After Dark album review playlist; our 2018 After Dark Mixtape gets better every week. Statistically it has to, right?Also on iTunes:

BALLS.142 Maybe it's because I'm a LDNR

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Blake mysteries, making Sir Ed, Beeso in the bushes, act like you've been here before, hail Marys, Turkish Delly, enjoying Jazz, schedule effects, losing Heat, reinventing yourself, Rose v. Wade, hangovers from 2016, horny Czechs, Frankie Smokes, recruiting from Boston, your moment of Zen, noone likes hearing the Truth, no second option, outPacing expectations, coaching yourself, NBA Disrespect Twitter, back of the west, playing minutes concern trolling, working through your holidays, bring back Boris, #thewestiscomfortablymediocre, Nike owns London, football in hell, cage matches at sea*, Shaq's early (but he's ready) and meeting the superhumans.

*Fun fact: Nike's '02 World Cup 'Secret Tournament' ad series was directed by Terry Gilliam. At $100M it was one of his cheaper projects, and actually got delivered on time.

BALLS After Dark.123 Stupidity with purpose

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss explaining yourself, therapy?, the great unwashed, continuing the timeline, I sucked a lot of pop, Quincy Jones gets bars off (twice), Norway is hard-out, Tom of Finland joins the Kiss Army, getting a handle, collecting Easter eggs, backwards AC/DC, organ work, powder ballads, half entendres, 80s soundtracks, legacy achievements, opening big, cul de sacs, narratives, MAH WAAHFE, You Am 11, The Albion Love Den Effect, religious trawling, GO GO GO, problematic classics, GOAT MJJs, the holy trinity of late 80s pop, and inappropriate teenage cream. This week's new albums were DZ Deathrays' Bloody Lovely and Turbonegro's ROCKNROLL MACHINE with Icehouse's Man Of Colours (1987) serving as our classic of the week. Next time we talk: Dream Wife's self-titled debut, SEMICIRCLE by The Go! Team and Michael Jackson's 1982 magnum opus Thriller, featuring the quotable Quincy Jones on the big desk. This, last and next week's albums are as always on our After Dark album review playlist; our 2018 After Dark Mixtape continues to develop, but you can always check out our 2017 version. BALLS and After Dark are also available on iTunes:

BALLS.141 IT's all Boston's fault

In which Cleveland trades everybody, Steve gets snubbed, Kris snaps, Don kicks, it's not the heat it's the humidity, Konspiracy Korner, the Cavs get remodelled, the Raptors are a real (?) thing (??), Foles calls Philly Special, the Superbowl is unexpectedly great (unless you like defence), every Rose has its Thibs, Lachlan Penfold talks Dubs, Sweet Lou gets paid (ish), Sweet Lou blows up your spot, Exum re-enters, medical malpractice costs IT, Elon waves it in the wind, this show is brought to you by Bud Very Light, banning international T20, saying hi to our friends in Adelaide, I'm A Celebrity Push Me Into The Sea, barking at right angles and burning your best takes.

BALLS After Dark.122 Down in the Parklands

In which Beeso and the Doc talk SADCs, second cousins, staff karaoke, Underbelly Adelaide, storytime with Beeso, failure to proceed, whatever happened to their rock & roll, moves like Jagger on meth, longer shortlists, the Parklands badlands, home viewer mixtapes, over the Falls, Hottest 100 1997 vs 2017, the reverse Gizzard, Hillsong hold music, popularity is mediocrity, Monster Magnet > Myron Magnet, Fatboy Slim Dusty, essence of 1987, doing it for Brisbane and problematic faves. This week's new albums were K21's Any Given D-Day and BRMC's Wrong Creatures with the Hives' Veni Vidi Vicious nominated for classic consideration. Next week: DZ Deathrays' Bloody Lovely, Turbonegro's ROCKNROLL MACHINE and Icehouse's Man Of Colours (1987). All that and less on our After Dark album review playlist; not much yet on our 2018 After Dark Mixtape but check out our 2017 version in the meantime. iTunes:

BALLS.140 I don't want no snubs

In which Beeso and the Doc get into Blake Griffin: Clipper For Life, in the weeds, the Lee Jenkins Rebab Clinic, ping pong trophies, fixer-uppers, LBJ invites himself into the Dubs' heads, stoner unicorns, marginal interests, don't touch the talent, Beeso's best bets, Russ vs Embiid, getting salty in DC, PRUNTY SZN, don't read The Pick & Roll AU, punchy from swamp heat, Jazz themes, EPL competitive imbalance, buying into the game, Frank statements, shouts to Milli Vanilli, partying in Loganholme, #Legacy, Aussie Bert, the Herald Snub (#buythepaper), I bless the players down in Africa, good stadium food, bad stadium food, bad stadium design, losing at WIN, Wahoo and yahoos, goodnight grid girls and cross-promotional considerations.

BALLS After Dark.121 My mixtape brings all the tunes to the yard

It's our Mixtape Special, in which Beeso and the Doc wrap 2017 Unwrapped (our AOTY special), Abs in the menchies, retiring on top, old man hats, red mad and nude, lovely bits, summery summaries, The Curation, seamless transitions, signposts and movements, setting the table, Tay slander, Hov slander, bangers and fizzers, taking over the neighbourhood, pivoting ponies, making gravy, even deeper water, the downward spiral, Mike Patton Is Mike Patton In, secret tracks, what are you into, getting your $1.79 worth, coffee and beer > coffee in beer, mixtapes vs playlists, 80s cul de sacs, short attention spans, alphabetic copouts, recency bias, grotty old blues, fitting the flow, how to spell K21 and New York vs everybody. This week we reviewed Beeso's mixtape and the Doc's mixtape. Doc dumped a bunch of mixtape cover art from his back catalogue into a gallery on our FB page.Other mixtapes are available (send us yours and tell us about them, via socials or email) - including our glorious 2017 After Dark Mixtape, with our favourite tracks from albums we reviewed last year (and all the songs from last week's AOTY special.) Next week: the 2018 review season kicks off with K21's Any Given D-Day, BRMC's Wrong Creatures and the Hives' 2000 banger Veni Vidi Vicious. BALLS is also on iTunes:

BALLS.139 Babble-on tings

In which Beeso and the Doc talk the All Star Draft, the rancid stench of failure, the West being trash for not being demonstrably less trash than the East, on-paper Clippers, Kyrie's feels, Cavs Academy 7: Mission To Mediocrity, captain-coach-GM-owner, the Bucks stopped here, from the booth to the bench, watching basketball in the '90s, systems coaching, Dan Tony, Tunnelgate walkbacks, All Star Dapto 2019, #TeleviseTheDraftOrAtLeastLeakTheOrder, Mr Beeso Goes To Washington (And Trashes Everything About It), NBA Australia are bad, Mick Hucknall's love child takes 8 for 35, the Stern Conference, is T20 good for developing young spin bowlers: a pointless but enthusiastic argument, the Bert van MarWiki, hello and goodbye. 

BALLS After Dark.120 2017 Unwrapped: Album Of The Year Special

It's our 2017 Album Of The Year Special, in which we figure out our 2017 Album Of The Year, which is Special. Beeso and Dr Yobbo count down their Top Five (ish) albums of 2017 as reviewed on BALLS After Dark, as well as their worst reviewed albums and favourite undiscovered classics. Here's the full list of the albums we reviewed this year. We also sizzle next week's Mixtape Special - in which we dial it back 20 years and put together our best 80 minute CD-R playlist. Send us your mixtapes (streaming service playlists, track listings from old C90 tapes or CD-Rs, whatever). Also this week: sliding locks, flawed but fun, great but problematic, historic prejudices, Previously On After Dark Album Of The Year, mildly interesting, drug use and big muffs, banging the under, effervescence, shouts to Salt N Pepa, truth telling, the Rowling Effect, online edits, getting into yourself, cereal killers, TWATTO, summer lovin', 2016 drivebys, don't read the comments, Album Of The Last Week Of December, Voltron records, stayaways, #susanalbumparty, different bad, getting high on your own supply, future classics, time and place, mixtapes: they're why albums matter, bangered out and born ready. 2018 new music SZN starts in a few - our album review playlist will be updated post-next-ep with new picks. Our 2017 After Dark Mixtape is finished in all its glory - check it out. Send us your 80 or 90 minute playlists for next week via the social medias or via email (ballspodcast at gmail). Bless.

BALLS.138 Equal seventh in podcast All-Star voting

In which Beeso and the Doc return for 2018 to talk fun and games in the Association, inverted summers, Chris Paul finally leading a team somewhere, 73-and-none, Cleveland in January, LeGone James, low intensity minutes, Lonzo's All-Star votes, Pelicans invading LA, Jimmy rubs off, intermittent Thunder, New Yuks, Kemba surprise, Kawhi so serious, Beeso cannot maths, I keep on searching for the tunnel's end and I'm struggling for light, #TeleviseTheDraft, the No Fun League, break up the Pats and old man arguments. After Dark 2017 Album Of The Year special coming soon.

BALLS After Dark.119 #NeverGoogle

In our final After Dark for the year: Honeymoon Disease, Warbly Jets, Aenima by Tool, year-in-review preview, the Ozzest 100 and disappointing legacies.
BALLS After Dark will be back in mid Jan with our 2017 Best Of episode, counting down our favourite albums of the year. Here's the full list of the 78 albums we reviewed in 2017.

BALLS After Dark.118 The First RickNoel

Charly Bliss, Grande Royale (French for large quarter pounder), the Arctic Monkeys' debut, the Gallaghers' revenge, karaoke, cardboard drums, spy novels, hairy-arsed Northerns and Tasmanian whisky junkets. Links to Spotify playlists etc are in the Omny shownotes. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.117 You made it weird

White Reaper, Ben Folds Five, 2017 Wrapped on Spotify, the world's greatest American band, comedy pianists and thoughts and prayers with Adamhfoto and the Doc.

BALLS After Dark.116 Washed like John the Baptist

Otherkin, INHEAVEN, the Roots, mashed potato, toxic masculinity, gentrification, nonspecific nostalgia and Albums Of The Year That You've Only Listened To For Three Days. Album playlists in the shownotes. Subscribe and review on iTunes.

BALLS After Dark.115 Why can't we be friends

Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsDead HeavensGarbage, vale Malcolm Young, ending friendships, pumped hydro, dry oboes and existential angst. Spotify playlists in the shownotes on Omny. iTunes: