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Stormzy's Gang Signs And Prayers, King Gizzard's Flying Microtonal Banana and QOTSA Rated R. Just a reminder that if you are reading this, you haven't jumped onto our new podcast RSS or iTunes feeds (yes, we can tell) - please be sure to update as this one will be retired shortly and we'd hate to lose ya.
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BALLS.97 Never in doubt

In which Beeso and the Doc get into ball-by-balls commentary, late starts, bad starters, KD going down, bargain bin Bogut, the Liverpool of the NBA, trades vs buyouts, car shopping with Calderon, Spurs on tour, the value of good social media, nothing but Netflix, the most unpopular 3-1 upset in EPL history, the Nix need a window opened, group stage gigantism, half-rounders, #SteadyTheShip, everyone shut up, Captain-Coach Grumpy, no news is good news, coaching womens' sport, bringing the noise, no other night is Thursday night, live from Lottoland and vale Tania Dalton. Check us out on iChoonz and Omny.

BALLS After Dark.83 Here's to my eggs

In which Beeso and the Doc talk Darkcenter, audio edits, scripted content, BALLS origin story, rotation-curation twitterage, meeting Dr Yobbo's avatar, Dave wants an encore, cooking with Beeso, fair range and free trade, love and dysfunction, a hammer and an alibi, 8-bit gaming, this is war, C64 Singstar, banning parenthood, Coopers Pale Ale isn't (because it is, too much), washed in 2009, whither the tastemakers, pop stars versus pop culture icons, congratulations you played yourself, and if all else fails...

Reviewed this week were The Orwells' Terrible Human Beings, Sallie Ford's Soul Sick and La Roux's self-titled debut as Beeso's classic. Next week: King Gizzard (as per contractual obligation), Stormzy and QOTSA's debut classic Rated 'R'. This, next and last week's albums are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Check out our fave tracks on the After Dark Mixtape for 2017 and 2016. Please subscribe and review us on the pod platform of your choice.  

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BALLS.96 Flags fly forever


In which Beeso and the Doc discuss why the Beige Brigade should have toured India, Kyrie being flat-out delusional, Dubs-Clips, who guards the guards, the All Star Game and the trade deadline, Sacto v Boogie, Play the Dray Way, Beeso's Koaching Korner, how the Leicester fairytale fell apart, myopic biopics, who ate all the pies, #DontBuyTheSun, cooked decks, the secret to success: never win, Red & Black Bigots, 'no suspicious circumstances' and #AFLW eating everything. 

BALLS After Dark.82 Hop On Pop

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss getting sold out in the DMs, what up Beck, IGA hold music, mountain men, gimme a cookie, shouts to hot uncos, respecting the label, it's in your heeyyyeeaaayyyeeedd, we're going to Ibiza, FWTBs, dub by numbers, 1987: it's one better than 1986, being interested only in your own reaction, it's not so easy, The Roux and public health PSAs. 

Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk, or words to that effect

This week we review new Thundamentals and Thievery Corporation, with Guns 'N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction swaggering obnoxiously onto stage as the classic for the week. Next week: The Orwells are Terrible Human Beings, Sallie Ford is Soul Sick and La Roux are (were?) self-referential. This, next and last week's albums are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Check out our best-in-show After Dark Mixtape for 2017 and 2016.

BALLS.95 Nice mics, shame about the #content

In which Beeso and the Doc talk mic checks, small fortunes, a bunch of NBA trades which have now been long forgotten because of Kyrie and Boogie, wreckage strewn everywhere, it's the East and it's early, your mileage may vary, getting more sleep, the Knicks are still garbage, Timmy's week off, sympathy for the servant, Leicester are a one man team (but not the one man you might be thinking of), third manager's a charm, hard resets, the most entitled fans in the EPL, coaching trees, freezing cold takes, mercurial talents, the job noone wants, miniaturised rugby codes, the Doc mainsplains renal failure, indefensible promos, soc-med love-ins and cold closes.

Defenders: Not actually that round

Defenders: Not actually that round

BALLS After Dark.81 Dumb music for dumb people

In which Beeso and the Doc talk about doing your research, loud and weird, not that Kendrick, They Don't Know What They're Doing, picking up the pace, things to do in Brisbane, what the kids know, how to get your song in the Hottest 100, the new umedjun, getting it on tape, getting worried when the Doc sounds unnaturally calm, Protomuse, there can be only one (unless there's a sequel), fried chicken, nineteen eighty sucks, Brian v Eddie, FLASH (AAHAAAHHHH), pissing on Patton, another kind of Magic, [redacted], the end of synthesizers, performative unwokeness and letters to the editor. (Shouts to our Special Metallica Correspondent on his new gig.)

This week's new albums were Gone Is Gone's Echolocation, Dune Rats' The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit and Queen's 1986 sort-of-Highlander-soundtrack-album A Kind Of Magic. Next week Beeso wants you to think on Thundamentals and the Thievery Corporation, a sentence which reads as some kind of evil psych-ops programme against people with lisps, while the Doc is dropping 1987's loudest clap-back at 1986, Guns 'N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction as the classic for the week. This, next and last week's albums are all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. Standard promo mention for our After Dark Mixtape for 2017 and 2016.

BALLS.94 Engel of Incidents

So LeBron did a thing

So LeBron did a thing

In which Beeso and the Doc talk The New York Dysfunctionicks, free (of) agents, big market inefficiencies, Star In A Reasonably Priced City, Boogie v IT4, Shaker Maker, Always Team Spurs, Cavs at Wiz, Oak gets the chop, buying bulk on the 2011 draft, on-air production meetings, ANBL v A-League, we pitch TV shows, Indigenous Globetrotters v Worldwide Washington Generals, Bathurst 12 Hours: Game Of Thrones with marginally less incest, all white on the night, another on-air production meeting, the Doc fixes AFL crowd problems, yet more versions of rugby involving fewer players than normal, when 'sellout' doesn't actually involve all the seats being filled at any stage, Don't Mention The #SB51, Trent Woodhill is not here for your excuses, The Weird Touch and plastic football. The BALLS Podcast is proudly brought to you by Coal-Powered Internet.

BALLS After Dark.80 Last of the Big Bangers

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss the end of the line, junction points, the new aesthetic, gone fishin', special guest stars, grey-import RAV4s, high pick busts, Blame Canada, three Troys and a Mike, uncool teenage albums, The Quickening and not struggling for #Content. New albums this week were ex- Wiley, godfather of grime, and Japandroids, a bunch of earnest Canadian types. This week's classic album was Baby Animals by (the) Baby Animals from the year nineteen hundred and ninety one. Next week we are character-assassinating quasi-supergroup Gone Is Gone's Echolocation, Brisbane stoner punks Dune Rats' The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit and Queen's 1986 sort-of-Highlander-soundtrack-album A Kind Of Magic. All that lot is repped on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. We're doing another After Dark Mixtape for 2017 made up of our favourite tracks from new albums we've reviewed on the show; our completed 2016 Mixtape is also worth checking out.

Did someone say Milquetoast?

BALLS.93 25% Off All Under Armour Stock

In which Beeso and the Doc talk womens' AFL, Hohns versus everyone, the greatest game you never saw, making ODIs great again, blowing up Beeso's phone, #EdenParkNotSoBig, Big Dukes, yer a wizard Beeso, petty but accurate: the LeBron James story, no respect for the youth, the most pointless and facile use of time travel in the history of speculative fiction, spurious Melo trade rumours, even more spurious LeBron trade rumours, the worst way to lose, talking about spreadsheets, font size proportionality, Ross got his gate fixed, midseason trades never amount to shit and our Superb Owl preview in which the Doc breaks down the Dirty Birds vs the Moscow Patriots using facts, not all of which are alternative.



BALLS After Dark.79 Nostalgia is a sometimes food

In which Beeso and the Doc talk 1996 Hottest 100 throwback tweets, trolling the trolls, shouts to Insurge, the Doc listens to the 2016 JJJ Hottest 100 so you don't have to, 'number of old people complaining' as a KPI, who plays who's new, 20 years of fringe RnB shit, Jan 26 making it awkward, why Gen X can't let go of JJJ, when voting gets political, walled gardens, Lando Calrissian doing work, French DJ porno music, insight worth paying for, ebony and ivory, sequels: the same but more of it, Nick Fury buttons, Facebook Dead, performative religion, the Godfather of grime, picking albums on the basis of Hashtag Content, the Brown Hornet, two turntables and a microphone.

This week we reviewed Run The Jewels 3, Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" and Atlantis - Hymns For Disco by K-OS (Beeso's nominated classic.) Next week: Wiley, Japandroids and old-school self-titled Baby Animals from 1991 - all on the BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist. We're doing another After Dark Mixtape for 2017 made up of our favourite tracks from new albums we've reviewed on the show; our 2016 Mixtape is also still available. If you're on Spotify, Triple J have full playlists available of previous Hottest 100s, including 1996 and 2016

BALLS.92 Live from Beef Week

In which Beeso and the Doc talk pretend craft beer, naming Dunedin brews after the Dunedin Sound, Rocky suing the NBA, let's all laugh at Chandler Parsons, overperforming your talent level, Men In Black, moving Melo, next year's point guards, All Star drama, when not to bet on the NBA, arresting rest, narratives over statistics, finding a place for ODI cricket (other than the bin), the summer circus leaves town, Boof gets salty, the next Tony Greig, Rondo v Rubio, don't start with Patty, ASG reserves, the NFL No Bowl, put your hands up for bad 'keeping and Leicester still suck.

BALLS After Dark.78 Things you might have missed

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss agreeing with ourselves from a week ago, Prank Me Maybe, teenage album revisionist history, self harm vs self abuse, leaving a light on for triphop, the Chemical Brothers coaching tree, teeing off on Thom (again), old bands making comebacks, broke-ass shit, new-ass shit and the son of a preacherman. Then in a throwback old-school After After Dark we talk inadvisable BBL runouts, Dubs-Rox, awful Australian sports coverage, why is tennis, one-and-a-half guards, Indian roads, the best ODI batsmen ever and tipping the hat to Virat.

No albums officially up for review this week (although the Doc crash-listened to a bunch, including Blink-182, Camp Cope, Chance the Rapper, Cortes, Deftones, Descendents, Drones, Stones, Street Chant, Truckfighters, Wakrat, Weezer and Whores); next week we kick off 2017 by reviewing two new releases from the end of 2016, Run The Jewels 3 and Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" Beeso's Canadian club classic is Atlantis - Hymns For Disco (2006) by K-OS. All these albums and more* on our BALLS After Dark Spotify playlist.   *not more

BALLS.91 Drain the swamp

In which Beeso and the Doc discuss why arguing about NBA All Star is more fun than NBA All Star, the John Scott Experience, I'm A Backwards Fucken Useless Piece Of Dogshit And I Vote, offensive (and) bias(ed), home and away, the Doc correctly predicts the third quarter of Dubs-Rox, Pick the Process, too many twos, Stefan Curry, performance vs popularity, everybody hates Chris, coaching kills individuality, breaking up the Warriors, $200M turns out to be a lot of money, Beeso loves the Knicks, what's Russian for 'patriot', the AFC is just northern hemisphere rugby with helmets, some grim concussion shit, hotwax, college football is fucked, the Doc correctly predicts the result of the NFC title game, T20 v ODI, #DrainTheSwamp, leftist bias in the Australian test side, failing to recognise Daniel Hughes, Juventus are now a Kwik-E-Mart and the Victory aren't, don't and/or haven't.

BALLS After Dark.77 No Year For Old Bands: Album Of The Year Special

It's our 2016 After Dark Album Of The Year Special in which... well, it says what it is on the tin eh; Beeso and the Doc count down their five favourite albums of the year as reviewed on the After Dark throughout 2016, as well as favourite classics and tracks of the year. We also get into regional media, the gravitational pull of nostalgia, albums that improved with age (and albums that didn't), the musical Bechdel test, the importance of scope and ambition, and the underrated value of thermonuclear stupid. Let us know your picks for best album of the year - whether reviewed by us or not - on Twitter or Facey (or in the comments here). Our BALLS After Dark Mixtape, featuring our favourite tracks from the albums we've reviewed in 2016, is now the finished article - check it out (if you're on Spotify) here

The BALLS After Dark 2016 Album Of The Year Special was brought to you by Spotify Discover Weekly, (in particular the emails they send the Doc) and Chris Conroy's World Of Boats. DUNGADUNGADUNGADUNGA BAAHH NAAHHT. Vale Chris, we barely knew ye.

SOme bands didn't take well to missing the shortlist for Album Of The Year

SOme bands didn't take well to missing the shortlist for Album Of The Year

BALLS.90 Iso Iso Baby

In which Beeso and the Doc kick off the new year by talking holidays (from televised sport), Xmas Day schadenfreude, Return Of The Day Of The Land Of The Zombie Grizz, bad KD isos, Beeso's Koaching Korner, the Servant, amateur trade machinists, the LA Cliparts, Atlanta burns it down*, flash Gordons, the AntiMavs, the Bucks stop nowhere, Mike Korver, things Kyrie is good at**, Boston: whiter than a ream of A4, 200 million reasons not to leave Sacramento, Randos in Chicago, stat counting, Renshaw enough, Adam gets verballed, Beeso loses bets, Chris Lynn does violence, Four Names Cartright has four names, KP24 declares Waugh (aka what makes a good selector and how do you assess it), the Doc predicts Handscomb's downfall, Stevo Keef, Pakistan's long year, (correctly) predicting NFL Wildcard Weekend and the EPL in four and a half minutes**.