BALLS After Dark.97 The Weis Bar Republic

Goodbye June, Jim Jones and the three ages of U2 (making Achtung Baby the centre of history). Also: The Grand Unified Theory of Music, Berlin spy games, sonic architecture, boomer Beatles takes redux and failing ambitiously. iTunes podcasts and Spotify playlists are how we do this thing.

BALLS After Dark.96 Singles, jingles and late-era Kobe

Is Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band actually any good, or have boomers been gaslighting us for fifty years? Also: Slowdive and the Afghan Whigs, Primavera Sound, can grime exist outside London and death to deluxe editions. iTunes and Spotify links go here.

BALLS After Dark.95 Frenz of the show

The two eras of Frenzal Rhomb, the return of At The Drive In, a dark Australian hiphop classic from Ozi Batla, songs for kids, colonial hangovers and being too drunk to be woke. We use and recommend iTunes and Spotify.

BALLS After Dark.94 A Rube Goldberg machine and a bag of cement

Dappled Cities, Kasabian and classic Soundgarden, plus the songs of Brisbane, trigger warnings, brain chemistry, Roger Moore's 007 legacy, hip-hop name-drops and cultural appropriation. Appropriate our culture or lack thereof on iTunes and Spotify.

BALLS.109 Have you tried turning it off and on again

Cavs vs Dubs Finals preview, ACA & CA battling for brands hearts and minds, the ABC shambles their way out of contention for A-League FTA rights, Gronk gets paid (like a Bucks rotation 3-and-D guy), never go to Taco Bell, T20 data-mining and vale Nicky Hayden. Check us on iTunes.

BALLS After Dark.93 I like your old stuff better than your new stuff

We like a specific part of Regurgitator's old stuff better than most of the rest of their old or new stuff. We also disagree about what is hiphop and why is lo-fi punk, as an unintentional throwback to our shouty-contrarian early pods.
Albums are here, best bits are here and pods are here.


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BALLS After Dark.92 Do your research

New albums from Gorillazzzz and DJ Format/Abdominal, a #NZMM classic from Supergroove, Lazy Grey vs lazy journalism, the origins of That Sonic Animation Sample and things not to do in a hot portaloo. All the albums are here, all our fave tracks of the year are here and all the pods are here. Get involved.

BALLS After Dark.91 Computer says no

BAD//DREEMS hark back to the 80s (with a producer to match), the Black Angels' Death Song and Radiohead's OK Computer twenty years on. Also: you can take Beeso out of Beenleigh but you can't take blah blah blah, enjoying without joy and the Doc gets bus lag. Check us on iTunes (words) and Spotify (noises). 

BALLS After Dark.90 Stuck in the Gents

In which we get a great many things wrong, including band name pronunciation, Belgian regional geography and the level of production expertise behind BAD//DREEMS' debut album (we'll explain next week). Hypochristmutreefuzz, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Grinspoon's Easy feature. Subscribe to our crap on iTunes, improve your life immensely.

About to shownote @theBALLSpodcast After Dark.90 - end of the road for this old thing though

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BALLS After Dark.89 Hey Hey We're The Drunkees

Reviewing Spoon, Damian Cowell's Disco Machine and Dave Graney and the Coral Snakes, plus pointless intros, 90s porn music, gig promotion pre-socmed, imaginary merch, misguided 80s nostalgia and Beeso shills for Netflix. We shill for iTunes and Spotify.

BALLS After Dark.88 It's not brain surgery

Rocket Science from 2001, Goldfrapp and Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears from 2017, plus we pour one out for John Clarke and reveal the optimum way to play Goldeneye N64 at a sharehouse party. Subscribe and review us on iTunes, check out our playlists on Spotify, critique our shit takes on Twitter.

BALLS.103 Chalk in five

Recapping the NBA regular season (and more importantly our season-long team draft beer bet), saluting the fallen and previewing the playoffs. Also: Crankworx does Rotovegas, Alonso swaps Monaco for Indianapolis, and what football is for.

Here's how the NBA season (and our team draft picks) turned out: