BALLS After Dark.117 You made it weird

White Reaper, Ben Folds Five, 2017 Wrapped on Spotify, the world's greatest American band, comedy pianists and thoughts and prayers with Adamhfoto and the Doc.

BALLS After Dark.116 Washed like John the Baptist

Otherkin, INHEAVEN, the Roots, mashed potato, toxic masculinity, gentrification, nonspecific nostalgia and Albums Of The Year That You've Only Listened To For Three Days. Album playlists in the shownotes. Subscribe and review on iTunes.

BALLS After Dark.115 Why can't we be friends

Sharon Jones and the Dap KingsDead HeavensGarbage, vale Malcolm Young, ending friendships, pumped hydro, dry oboes and existential angst. Spotify playlists in the shownotes on Omny. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.114 You used to call me on my self-own

Beck and BARTEK, a classic from the Herd, inexplicable re-releases, swears on the radio and self-titled self-owns. Playlists up in here. iTunes up in here.

BALLS.130¾ What's the Italian for 'Peter Principle'

In which Beeso and the Doc return after the After Dark for some quick hits on Jurman sausages, the triumph of low expectations, New York Knicknames, being an enemy of joy, syphilis v chlamydia, bad hats, #TheWestIsTrash (now with statistical support!), Rookwatch, Earl Watson unplugged, WBA-Stoke goes international, Farce Ventura and the Peruvian Susie the Waitress. Back in full effect next week. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.113 Grime doesn't pay

Skepta, Cairo Knife Fight, classic Van Halen, elefant memories, new aesthetics and FODMAP diets. Playlist links in the Omny shownotes. Check us on iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.112 Metal is not ironic

Custard and the Darkness, classic No Doubt, a boomer with pink poodle hair lectures youths on how seriously they should be taking his music genre, CD-R mixtapes, balls of hot wax and theatresports with Alanis Morissette. Spotify links et al in the Omny shownotes. Noises and gurning also available on iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.111½ Forever Young

Vale George Young and happy birthday Never Mind The Bollocks. All the rock all the time? Must be a Doc solo ep. Links in the shownotes; we're also on iTunes.

BALLS.129½ The Hambone Williams Variety Hour

Beeso's on self-inflicted-injured-reserve this week but the Doc still wants to tell you about the West being trash, the Mount Rushmore of NBA names, getting ejected for being punched in the head, the kings of New York, not wanting to be here, Jameer over there, reverting to type, captain's calls, Jacinda's Curse, more reverting to type, sack races and porcelain buses. Back next week with a real one. iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.111 I love organ

Primus, the Killers, Deep Purple, the nature of success, IRL Spinal Tap, melting Goths and the Beenleigh Dans. iTunes plug. Reference to Spotify links in shownotes.

BALLS.128 Trust the Spocess: NBA season preview 2017-18

Who will win the NBA regular season, and more importantly, the series of six-pack bets Beeso and the Doc have laid on the final standings in each league? Is Australia the new America? Has Thibs really learned nothing? Is Kyrie just an internet edgelord with handles? Will Beeso get Knicksrolled again? All this and much, much less within. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes. "As an idiot, I'm impressed" - Steven Adams.

BALLS After Dark.110 On your Marx

Gotan Project, Kadavar, the Bronx, Wolfmother source material, 20 years of the Resin Dogs and sledging Mal from the electorate next door. iTunes has the same noises in an iOS-friendly context. Spotify links are in the Omny shownotes. Enjoy.