BALLS After Dark.107 Switch it off cos it'll suck

Saskwatch, UNKLE, Tame Impala's debut, Beeso's spy career, family court dads and washed GenXers (not the hosts, for once.) Album and playlist links are in the Omny shownotes. Check us out on iTunes.

BALLS After Dark.106 I don't like where this is going

New albums from QOTSA and Sheer Mag, a Moby classic, Motley merch, airplane muzak and hipster album titles. Also on iTunes. Spotify playlist links are in the Omny shownotes.

BALLS After Dark.105 Congratulations, you played yourself

Meg Mac, Dizzee Rascal, Beastie Boys Classic Album Royal Rumble, Beeso tries to kill his manflu with two-stroke under medical supervision (he does, indeed, have the ill communication) and the Doc has SFX in full effect. Spotify playlists in the Omny shownotes. BALLS and BALLS After Dark are also on iTunes:

I think I remember how this stuff works

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BALLS After Dark.104 BALLS After Dark.104 Siren song of the angry disaffected inarticulate white Cletus

The Doc breaks the emergency glass and gets Adamhfoto on to talk new Strypes, old Pantera, man hands, pre-wedding music and Dimebag versus douchebags. Beeso's back next week to argue about Dizzee Rascal, Meg Mac and the Beastie Boys. Subscribe to the pod on iTunes and listen to our album review playlist and 2017 mixtape on Spotify.

BALLS After Dark.103 Bros before Crowes

This week: Chris Robinson Brotherhood vs the Magpie Salute in a heavyweight brofight that makes the Gallaghers' blood feud look like Gameboy Double Dragon; Sneaker Pimps and triphop's philosophy of drug use as it relates to artistic endeavour; plus fake craft beer, female albums, an unnecessary number of shouts to Dan from At The Drive Thru and a bit too much fucking perspective. Find us on iTunes, and check our playlists on Spotify (album playlist | 2017 mixtape).

BALLS.119 Kyrie-over champion

Cricket union > Rugby union, Kyrie vs Neymar, early NBA projections, vale Les Murray and Max Verstappen's latest banger.
Also on iTunes:

Last week's After Dark was a re-air of After Dark 21 from our archives, featuring Lana del Rey, the Prodigy, Oasis, Ardbeg and Coke, the Bae of Pigs and a lot of drunken incoherence:

BALLS.118 For-Erin Correspondent

In which Beeso and special guest, sports writer Erin Riley, have a reasoned and intellectual discussion about the changing landscape of women's professional sport and the dearth of analysis and nuance in the Australian sports media marketplace. This reasoned and intellectual discussion does not feature the Doc, who spent the two minutes he saw of the Matildas game tweeting about Butt. Get us on iTunes:

BALLS After Dark.101 More Brass Than Class II: Electric Boogaloo

Adam hangs around for the After Dark to talk Polish Club's new rock revival revival, Hot 8's bootleg Buena Vista, and Def Leppard pouring sugar on people in the name of diabetes. iOS punters should check us on iTunes. On Spotify: Our regular new + classic album review playlist and our 2017 After Dark Mixtape, as well as AD.100's 2017-to-date and 2015-16 best-ofs. For more on the back story of Beeso's unnatural aural predilections, check BALLS After Dark.10: More Brass Than Class.

BALLS After Dark.100 Unfortunately 'entertainingly ignorant' doesn't have a direct Latin translation

To celebrate 100 episodes of this ludicrous crap, friend of the show and Actual Credentialled Music Reviewer (look!) @AlbionLoveDen joins your favourite shambolic amateurs to discuss their favourite albums of 2017 to date and the last couple of years, before assessing the classic status of the Go-Betweens' comeback The Friends Of Rachel Worth. iTunes contains multitudes (of this podcast). Spotify playlists of the album picks (don't look if you don't want spoilers): 1H 2017 | 2015-16 | Also check out: Our new + classic album review playlist | Our 2017 After Dark Mixtape.